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shadescels - Renae is a vary sweet person, she Emailed me for support on my surgery Thank you Renae! I just hope I can be there for you someday.
Kitten - Kitten is A friend of a Friend who is crazy for kenshin her site isn't big right now but she is getting there
drakonia - I have bought a few cels from her she is vary nice, thank you so much drakonia ^-^
doom on you - Spoony is a good friend, i enjoy talking to her lol from 12am to 6am we both need sleep ^0^zzzZZZ

*~*~*~Good Friends~*~*~*~* - just some good friends who where there for me! now I wont to be there for them! if you dont check out all of there sites I will KILL YOU o_O

DVDs and Doujin sites - I love Hong Kong DVD sets and I love Doujinshi lol hence the name Doujin2002 check there sites out

cookiejarvideo - I love this site and the person who owns the site "Bella" is super nice and the HK' DVDs thay have are up to date, vary fast shipping too 3 days max
mandarake - thay have alot of doujinshi and manga thay do have some cels but not a good section check them out

Cel sites - these are sites I have bought from my self and trust alot check them out

adult swim - OK I had to put them on the site, because of there Family Guy genga, I so love that show, like I was telling a friend I can compare anything in life to Family Guy its pretty sad
animegame - my friend spoony has bought meny GundamWing cels from them, I swear to god...GW is her Crack ^-^ - thay have alot of links to alot of good cel sites
anime-museum - Thay are really strict on there non pay police but if you are fro real about buying cels check them out
cels for sale - thay dont have a really big section but..thay do have some nice Kenshin cels^-^
RaXa - A friend told me about this site thay have a REALLY big section check them out


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