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Thank you
last modified: Sunday, October 24, 2004 (5:25:54 AM CST)
man I didn't think People would send there best wishes to me for my surgery! thats really cool of all of you!! thanks again for caring ^-^
for real
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last modified: Thursday, October 21, 2004 (10:46:57 PM CST)
Hi, all
this is my first time using this Weblog thing and its a sob story lol! anyway I'm having a big Surgery on the 8th of next month,(November/08/04)
thay are going to open my chest take out a big part of my ribs to realign them in the right positions, well all my life I have had a syndrome called Marfans... "I didn't think you would know what I was talking about ^-^ look it up" its not as uncommon as people think, basicly I'm just scared and I wont to tell people about it, oh well. I have a great doctor who says its no big deal to do, its just the after affect I'm worryed about, oh well thanks for reading my First WebLog it was soooo much fun wasn't it ^0^ ya.....

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