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Hi if you wont to sell or trade for any of the cels on my wishlist let me know thanks for looking at my site ^_^

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority SUCKS
I love 3x3eyes, its like the best manga I have ever read and the series is good too I will take any cels from it! Will Give Kidney
Daa!Daa!Daa! isnt a big thing in the US yet so it isnt hard to get a hold of them, I wont any cel of Ruu Will Give Kidney
Detective Conan
I love this show it looks kiddy but it isn't it gets you thinking thats what we all need ^-^(GIVE ME CONAN) Will Give Kidney
Digital Monsters
I really wont any genga from the Digital Monsters series I never see them anymore -_- Very High
I realy use to love the dragonball manga in Japan and the series is good two but toei took it to far, I will take any good goku cels from the series High
OK I saw this cel on yahoo japan and in a sick fucked up way I really wont it lol ^0^ Will Give Kidney
Galaxy Angel
I love this close up cel of mudai she look soooo cool ^-^ Very High
Gundam Wing
ok I wont a good cel of Duo Maxwell I need just one....JUST....ONE!!!!dont get mad Spoony lol ^-^ Very High
brotherly love I love this cel its something you will never see again this is a keeper Very High
I wont a cel of Inuyasha as a full demon Very High
I wont you to have my children "ching" Do I have to say anymore ^-^ Very High
PIMP Miroku ya you know you wont this too I can wish cant I ? Very High
Lupin the 3rd
the manga is the best and the TV series is just as good! I will give my blood for a good cel of Lupin and friends! O_o Very High
I love Kikashi he can be funny & joke around and get serious when things look bad, he reminds me of my self i wont something of him being serious Will Give Kidney
Kikashi dieing!! hell i will even take a scan of the genga Will Give Kidney
Outlaw Star
ok I can go on for hours tolking about how good Outlaw Star is but we dont have time for that lol... I wont a good cel of gene! if you dont give it to me I will hunt you down and Kill you! you think i'm kidding???? ^_O Very High
I wont a cel of Sakura in her Kumono! becouse women look sooo good in them oh ya -_o Very High
Tenchi Muyo!
I will take any cel from Tenchi Muyo I have a LOT of Tenchi cels already but you can NEVER get too much Tenchi lol Very High
the little prince in outer space
I would really love to get a little prince cel for my sister she was in love with this series when she was little she would make my mom rent it all the time till my mom got fed up and just bought it "DOSE ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET ONE" Will Give Kidney
I really really wont something with Wolfwood & milly thay look good together ^_^ Will Give Kidney
I wont something of Vash & Wolfwood thay look like great friends in this cel Will Give Kidney
a friend has this cel from the opening of Trigun i love this one ^0^ Very High
anything of knives with his gun transforming Very High
I need a cel from a funny eyecatch seen like this Very High
I would KILL for a cel of wolfwood with his Gun extended Very High
just a plain cel of Vash like this Very High
My friend has this Distiny cel of knives and vash, I wont one too =_= Very High
this is the other hafe of my friends Destiny cel =_= Very High

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